Alexa Bakonyi

University of Theatre and Film Arts graduate, actress and creative producer of theatrical performances.

About Alexa

Alexa is a University of Theatre and Film Arts graduate. An actress who has been for years experimenting with expanding her theatrical frames and trying to make the theatre directly reach people and be for people by means of the so-called applied theatre. She has already improvised intertextuality during her performances on Front Pop Up stage in showrooms, day parties, literary festivals. Anywhere, where there is a potential audience, and where the theatre can help communicate the message of a certain program or author, vocalize its gist, create a community. She is also engaged as a creative producer in theatrical performances both in mainstream theatre and on alternative stage, working in a community pub theatre. Her mission is to help a once passive cultural consumer also find their way to the theatre, to the art of the moment.

© Photos by Alexa Bakonyi