Cosima Opartan

Musician, performance artist, party promoter and designer of custom acoustic studios

About Cosima

Cosima Opartan is a person of many identities. As a musician, she expresses herself in various projects and aliases: she's one-half of Raze de Soare, a duo that explores "outernational minimal restaurant music," and she's also Cosima, a "widowpop" singer.

Opartan founded Queer Night, a series of itinerant parties that engage the local LGBTQ+ community. She is also a founder of Corp., a Bucharest based platform dedicated to supporting and promoting female & female identified musical talent.

She is interested in working with the surfaces of things as a subversive way to address questions. She is also currently designing and building custom made acoustic studios, soundproofing and sound treatment for various spaces dealing with sound.

© Photos by Dan Gocan