Cristian Neagoe

Cristian Neagoe is a co-founder of Romania’s Street Delivery urban culture festival

About Cristian

In 2006, Cristian Neagoe co-founded Street Delivery. It’s an urban culture festival and manifesto that aims to reclaim public spaces for art purposes. Its slogan, “We close the street for cars and open it for people,” only hints at the breadth of interesting activities that can be found there. It’s an event where street art, electronic music, live concerts, water fights, lectures and workshops appear in the middle of the street and in normally underutilized public locales.

Beyond his work with Street Delivery, he’s also worked for organizations that include the Cărturești chain of book shops, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the British Council, the Goethe Institut, the National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Red Bull, Șapte Seri and CreativeMornings.

Neagoe likes getting involved in film, arts, music and literary shenanigans, and helping artists promote and protect their work. He's interested in observing deviant aspects of contemporary society and, when not too busy, writing about them.

© Photos by Claudia Lazăr