Dori Tomcsanyi

Women’s fashion brand entrepreneur, clothing designer and a teacher at the MOME University of Art and Design.

About Dori

Dori Tomcsanyi set up her namesake clothing brand, TOMCSANYI, in 2012 while she was attending MOME-Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The garments that she makes are for women who like to show their intellect through unique style. The items’ most conspicuous characteristics are their prints, which she designs by hand.

Tomcsanyi’s work as a designer has been honored several times since she founded TOMCSANYI. In 2014, she won the Hungarian Design Award, and in 2018 she was nominated as the Designer of the Year by Glamour Magazine Hungary. In 2019, her brand had its first catwalk show at Milan Fashion Week. She has been working as a teacher at MOME since September 2018. Her current goal in this position, and in her independent work, is to redesign her items to be more ecologically sustainable.

© Photos by Dori Tomcsanyi