Naja Orashvili

Co-founder of Bassiani club and Horoom Nights, the first queer party in Georgia

Naja Orashvili is co-founder of BASSIANI / HOROOM, BASSIANI RECORDS and Horoom Nights, the first and largest Queer party series in Georgia. Originally a film director and communication strategist, her works cross over different fields of art and civil activism. She runs her own creative agency and production studio and has been producing TV shows, documentary films and music videos for years. She was a representative for Electronauts, a fund dedicated to supporting and developing electronic music and innovative pop culture in Georgia. She is a founding member of the White Noise Movement, which fights to change Georgia’s extremely strict and inhumane drug policy. Orashvili is also a creator of the Women’s Solidarity March, a public feminist rally for gender equality. She is also a board member of the Equality Movement for LGBTQ rights. She created the “System Must Be Destroyed” youth protest rally in 2012, protesting civil inequality and requesting democratic changes in Georgia.

© Photos by Naja Orashvili