Ostrov Peninsula and Piața Delfinului - An off-the-beaten-path fisherman's village

„Ostrov Peninsula is the Wild Wild East experience.”

This is a fisherman's village that seems out of time or at least out of sync with the rest of Bucharest. Go to the cutely named Piața Delfinului, or Dolphin’s Market, which is a shopping mall from the city's communist past. Go to the lake there, find the bridge and cross it to enter into a no-man's land of unpaved streets and the scent of a medieval settlement.

In the summer you can smell and listen to loud manele grill parties or just go fishing with the locals. Go further into this no man’s land, and you’ll find what seems like the end of the world—a place with lots of graffiti and industrial buildings on the horizon. Go for a swim in Lake Colentina after.

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